A small gesture of kindness…

So, a while ago I meet this young man. He says he’s homeless. I look at his condition, a worn tee-shirt, dingy torn jeans, and extremely worn sneakers/tennis -shoes. I believe him. I tell him to have a seat, while I confer his situation with the man of the house (my husband) about the type of assistance we could offer him.

A few moments later I return to tell the young man how we could help him. This young man, still has his struggles, but he makes effort to find and keep employment. I applaud him, and hope to one day be able to assist him in others ways in the future.

A kind gesture can open the heart and mind of so many of our youth who’ve been mistreated and neglected. Parents struggle daily to provide the daily necessities of life and sometimes it’s too much to bear. As a parent I totally understand their plight because I’ve been in their shoes.

Help is available.  With every hardship, comes ease. This is a true story. The young man I speak of is a part of this group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Wishing you peace, and prosperity,


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