*Journey Into Finance is about a young woman’s journey into the world of personal finance while working for one of the largest banks in the U.S.  Her transformation out of poverty, and lessons she learned from the “rich and not so famous” clients in the process.

Available on Amazon and other bookstores in the United States for $15.99.

*January 8, 2016

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to my children, grandchildren, nieces,
nephew, and great-grandchildren.



To Your Success (1)*To Your Success

The Heirloom Series Vol 1


“To Your Success” is the perfect financial planning memoir of the journey into parenthood. A wonderful gift for parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, or grandparents, or anyone who wishes to start or build upon a family tradition. This book starts with the planning once a couple decides to have their bundle of joy and chronicles the steps to building a solid money management plan during pregnancy and the first year.

*To Be Announced

Available as an eBook download for $9.99 or fully digitized with your photos for $24.99 or the complete bundle with Book Cover, your digitized photos and storyboard for just $49.99. Please allow approximately 5 to 10 business days for delivery after purchase order has been verified.

Story pages $9.99 USD
Digitized photos added $24.99 USD
Book Cover & Digitized Story $49.99 USD


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