Our Mission Statement: To reach as many people as possible to empower and inspire them to thrive in their relationships, live in abundance, and improve their financial futures, while building a legacy for generations to come.

Let me tell you why I started this project. My life began as a promise of all good things; however, something went terribly wrong. Instead of growing up healthy with my biological family, my sister and I were taken away due to neglect from alcoholic parents, and declared wards of the state.

You see, the Department of Social Services determined that our mother was unfit to care for us-we were suffering from malnutrition. So the state placed us in foster care, with a stable middle-class Christian family. I am forever grateful to them for taking us into their home, guiding, instructing, and instilling valuable life lessons.

I don’t have horror stories to tell about my foster care, like so many other foster children I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Sure, I got the normal whippings for getting into trouble but nothing of the abuse I’ve heard from others in the foster care system. My true struggles began after leaving my foster home, where I had to learn how to be an adult with little financial education.

Why I started-1

So, I started a blog named “journeyintofinance.com” and then turned that into a book to help encourage, empower and inspire people to improve their financial outlook, change some embedded myths of what wealth “looks” like, and build a legacy for their families. It’s for people like me, who had to start from a very small bank account and grow in knowledge to thrive and not just survive. It’s important to obtain an education, it’s also very expensive. I didn’t inherit wealth, to look forward to after being a ward of the state, so I did what most people do take out student loans. Most foster parents aren’t educated about financial management or instructed to provide a savings account for the children they open their homes to. That’s where our organization comes in.

Some say the foster care system needs more transitional living. This is a fact, however, are they providing the necessary tools to help them after this transitional living expires? And yes, it will expire.

Thank you in advance.

The ENTowner Build a Legacy, Inc. provides the financial education skills from a former foster-child’s experience, on working with a system in much need of repair, and we need your support. Please donate to this worthy cause and help us help those most in need in our communities- our forgotten youth- those who have already been uprooted from their homes due to forms of neglect and placed as “wards of the state”.

Wishing you peace and prosperity,


Your financial literacy advocate

 Proud Member of the National Notary Association

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I prefer to remain behind the scenes, but that’s not always feasible. Sometimes I’m forced to the forefront of our business and I’m coming to grips with this new level of commitment. Trust me when I say, it’s no walk in the park, once I’m in front of my audience, I command the room.

Enjoy the videos and you”ll see more of my work in days to come (if the good Lord/universe says the same).

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