Tough Love

There’s a saying in life that can apply to various situations, and it goes, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

How often have you recalled being a child and saying “I can’t wait til I’m grown! Ain’t nobody gon’ be able to tell me nothing!” ?

So, you grow up into a man or a woman with that SAME child-like mentality. Only now, the things you used to do and get away with as a child have adult consequences. Then, you want to revert to being a child again and put the blame on others for your poor decisions because you “grown now and can’t nobody tell you nothing”.

“Yeah, overlooking your tomorrow’s til they finally came”. [Tupac]

“You make your bed hard, you the one that has to sleep in it. Don’t expect me to cosign your BS cause I taught you better. Learn the lessons. Handle your business, and choose your battles wisely”. [A Mother’s Wisdom]

“If you can’t feed your baby, then don’t have a baby”. [Michael J]

“How you gone live right, when you ain’t right within?” [Lauryn Hill]

“Do something TODAY, that your future self will thank you for.” [Proverb]

“Become the change YOU want to see in YOUR OWN Life”.

Patience, perseverance, and prayer.

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Peace, love, and prosperity.


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