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My Movie Review

It’s about that time for a movie review that ties in with the current political agenda. Seeing the “subliminal suggestions” in propaganda. I give this movie a rating of 9 out of 10 for content. It’s not for the weak of heart.

I just so happened to come across a DVD in the “oldies” but “goodies” section of one of my favorite shops, called “Rosewood“. No that’s not the name of the shop, Rosewood is the name of the movie I purchased for $3.50. I hadn’t seen it before, but it had some good actors and so I purchased it for three bucks and thought – what could it hurt, right?

The Rosewood massacre was a violent, racially motivated conflict that took place during the first week of January 1923 in rural Levy County, Florida.- Gary Jones [YouTube]

Man, was I in for a shocker. Not only did this movie drum up old angry thoughts, but it awakened emotions that haunted me and made me reflect on the mindset of an era  during my parents and for some of us, their grandparents lives.

As I look at the political atmosphere involving Donald Trump and his supporters, I see a similar environment of hostility and fear being “trumped up”. It’s sad. We must and never will forget what history has taught and showed us. Racism is real and this will Never happen again. Know your history people, so that you do not repeat the negative aspects of the story. There are a lot of youth that may not know of this black township and “Jim Crow“. Do read, and research.

The quote below describes the current political campaign. #Do #Think #For #Self

“Jim Crow” was a derisive slang term for a black man. It came to mean any state law passed in the South that established different rules for blacks and whites. Jim Crow laws were based on the theory of white supremacy and were a reaction to Reconstruction. In the depression-racked 1890s, racism appealed to whites who feared losing their jobs to blacks. Politicians abused blacks to win the votes of poor white “crackers.” Newspapers fed the bias of white readers by playing up (sometimes even making up) black crimes. – Constitutional Rights Foundation (

This movie is available on for rent $3.99 in HD, $2.99 SD or to purchase . Just follow this link.



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