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As I look around, I know this quote is true. While building a legacy, we all need one another to help us grow and prosper. Without a network of people to help expand and expound upon our service to humanity, we will work harder to get the message across. #Do. #Grow. #Network. #Buildalegacy.

Many years ago, Aristotle wrote about the fact that those who maintained good habits formed in youth could make a difference later in life. It is, thus, a solid philosophical thought that the way we live can influence and determine, in part, the way our children and grandchildren will live, as they often emulate or follow family precepts.

It is important to acknowledge and recognize how significant goals are in life, and how fallacious others are, for even those who attain great riches, as far as wealth, may be deficient in ways of appreciating life and how to gain satisfaction that their monetary wealth has no meaning. The person who achieves personal satisfaction and success with his way of life, may be the true winner for obtaining the highest quality of life. Children often follow the characteristics and traits of their parents and will often emulate them in choosing a similar profession or philosophy.

We learn family values and the meaning of morality and values of the American philosophy as expounded in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the good parts of American history as taught in schools, homes, churches, temples, mosques, and by our family and friends. By trying to emulate these high standards, we can hope to improve not only the quality of life but also our meaning of life.

We all share many of the important factors in life, such as courage, hope, compassion, and many of the frustrations and depressions as well. There are many stories that can be told to give relevant examples to the meaning of these factors. By talking about the way we have lived (our life stories), we can give our examples, as well as through our achievements, disappointments, good times, and bad times, as a beacon and touchstone for our family.

Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD

But what happens when a child falls too far from the tree? When talking with them about life turns into an argument about “being too controlling” or “trying to run their lives?” This is one of the reasons I wrote my book, “Journey Into Finance” and I quote from Chapter 10 – Leave Your Legacy, what was and still is very important to me that I wanted to pass on to my progeny:

My hope is that this book … will help to fill the gaps… missed … along the way.

E.N. Towner

Journey Into Finance, has also prompted me to begin my next writing adventure, “Never Settle for Less”; which will be published later this year.


We weren’t given a handbook on how to raise our children or how to live our lives. However, there are plenty of examples for us to reflect upon from the influences in our immediate environment-namely our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and books on the topic from those who have mastered creating a meaningful destiny.

Never Settle for Less © E.N. Towner 2016


Wishing you peace, and prosperity, always,


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