The Power of One

Life of a King starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.

I suppose, I’m becoming an “unofficial” movie critic. Something we all can do just by watching and then creating a review of what you thought was good or not about a movie. Life of a King is the story of the real Eugene Brown who made some critical decisions in his early years that cost him his freedom for 17 years. How he made a change and empowered the youth of Washington, DC to create their own destiny through the game of chess. How basketball, football, or hip hop isn’t the only way to be successful in life. This movie embodies the ideology of the ENTowner Build a Legacy, Inc.’s objectives for youth/young adults who’ve made choices that landed them in unfavorable conditions that affected their lives, and how to overcome those challenges by changing their mindset. A few favorite quotes for me in the movie was “Life is like a chess game”, “keep your eyes on the end-game”, “one wrong move- your life can be taken away”, and “life is about learning how to play the game”.

On a scale of 1-10; this movie receives a “10” for content that empowers and inspires.





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