Two Words

Two Words- Cam Newton! The boy is bad! What I like about him is his confidence and don’t give up attitude! Kinda reminds me of Muhammad Ali- when other’s doubted him, he worked harder to prove to himself, he was worthy!

Kudos to Cameron Newton! Keep doing you young man- it will pay off. Click on the link to read more. winkingsmiley Oh, pardon me- it’s Sunday Football! Gotta love it!

“Just when I think I can’t go anymore I think about those who doubted me, and I do one more.” Watch as Cam Newton keeps pounding. narrated by 2 Chainz.

“Beats got in early on Cam. Read on Forbes that Cam is having to turn down endorsements now. His agent says his schedule is just about completely full and only a special deal will make the cut now”.-ntense001

Wishing you peace and prosperity,


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