Public Service Announcement (PSA) NY

Update– October 31, 2021.

The turn out was truly underestimated! the parking lot was full, so full that we asked if we could park in the churches parking lot. The young lady that was at the front entrance of the building jokingly said “I’m sure they won’t tow you away on a Saturday, right?!” We both chuckled as she turned and headed back to the building.

As I park, I noticed more people coming to the event. It was a success. A great turn-out. There were two law firms there taking in applicants who wanted to get their financial matters in order.

As I entered the building I was handed a packet to fill out, and was told to come back in 20 minutes (as that is how much time they allocated for each household.) It took much longer than 20 minutes to complete the whole process, but everyone was served. They told us to wait for a disclosure in the mail that needed to be signed so that the execution of our Will could be completed. I was a little disappointed that more younger people didn’t attend. Guess they didn’t think it was important. Suppose that’s where I come in.

As promised, a couple weeks later, the letter arrives. I signed and mailed it. I feel good about the process. No misunderstandings because everything worth any thing will be handled according to my wishes.

Stay tuned for more information. Remember, tomorrow isn’t promised. Better to have it and don’t need it, than not have. when it matters most. If you have children, a spouse, significant other or sibling(s) that could benefit from your worldly accumulations, or unfortunate events occur that leave one incapacitated… right? I mean, hey, you never know. Maybe you might be in possession of a valuable piece of jewelry, clothes that would make someone else happy or hold special memories for them, like maybe an heirloom?

Well, until next time…

Wishing you peace, love, health, and prosperity,


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