Life Happens!

Greetings fellow bloggers, readers and legacy wealth builders!

In my previous post, “Nothing beats a Failure…“; I touched on a sensitive subject about life and what many of us may or may not have experienced since the onset of Covid.

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ve decided to continue with the mission of empowerment. After beginning my own recovery from the events of this past year, I looked over my life and decided to get the ball rolling again. Because as we’ve learnt, nothing is promised and Life Happens! So we have to set goals no matter what, and strive to make these things happen, sooner than later.

Life after Covid

Although I’ve titled this section, “Life after Covid”; we all know that Covid is still alive and causing havoc all over the world. However, we must move on to recovery, right?  Like having a game plan, it starts with a realistic conversation about, “where to begin?” Allow me to share my story…

The other day, my husband and I discussed what we will do with the money we saved prior to the pandemic. We’re both out of work (retired), and the funds are dwindling down. So I opted to list my skills with a career board. While my husband used his skills to hire a home remodeling firm, to repair damage from the ice storms we had in the southern parts of America (another unprecedented event). 

My resume was getting all kinds of hits! I was overwhelmed with the responses! Yet, none of them met my particular needs.   I’m glad I created a separate email account just for job posting!

So, about a month goes by and I still hadn’t made a commitment to any employer. Then one day, I get a call from a recruiter with a Financial Services firm.  We set up a zoom interview because the company goals aligned with my vision of empowering others, through financial literacy.

I was hired on the spot! I can work from the comfort of my own home, and be my own Boss! How great is that?! End of story. Yet this is really the beginning of a new life. I get to live out my dream. Isn’t that what we all want?

So, I typed all that to say, “Remember, you have the power to create your reality. The power is within you; you’ve got this! Trust the process, have faith that good things will happen for you! Be the change YOU want to see in the world. Remain grateful and stay positive, through it all.”

Everyone has a story to tell that will uplift and empower others. If you have a story to tell that will inspire others, leave your words in the comments section below. Thank you.

Until next time…

Wishing you- Peace, Love, Health and Prosperity,


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