Beautiful right? Just what the captain ordered! It sure is, if you can afford it at 39M. What?! In my dreams! Or maybe one of those Ferraris, Jaguars, or Mercedes Benz. Let me tell you how working people can afford such luxurious items and it might surprise you.

How do they afford that?!?

I know I didn’t get it either until I found out about credit scoring and how it works so that people who are responsible with their credit can use this three digit number (FICO Score) to step into any loan office and practically get what they want with no or little cash down. What if I told you it’s possible to qualify for a loan to pay for that beauty (pic of the Yacht). Yep, that’s right! A lot of people with exceptional credit do just that without putting much money down. Of course, you must have the debt to income ratio in perspective, but my main point is that credit score (FICO) and credit history (length of active lines, amount of that line available, and number of on-time payments) play an important role in being able to even be considered.

So how is this possible?

Simply stated, they have mastered their credit history. In order to win at this credit scoring game, one must understand the rules. However, they just put a twist to the rules which might make your exceptional score drop down to a “needs improvement” one.

Catch the ball, stay within bounds and run your a$$ off into the end zone! Touchdown!


Story Time

Once upon a time not so long ago…

A lovely young woman had credit cards galore, she spent all the available credit line and thought she had the winning score.

One day she applied for a car loan and much to her surprise, she was denied. The lender said “your DTI is too high. You’ll have to fix this matter before you reapply”. The lovely young woman just cried.

She didn’t understand what all this DTI meant. He pulled up her credit report and showed her all she had spent. The lovely young woman had too much debt from all of her credit cards and was totally, um what rhymes with spent? Bent!

So much for my poetry! lol But I think you get the hint. Right?

So this may not have been the best way to describe credit card utilization, but I do think that it gets to the point of not spending too much money on revolving lines of credit.

I got the credit score to prove it!

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That’s all for now, until next time…

Wishing you peace, love, health and prosperity

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