How I Got 1000 Followers In Two Months (And How You Can Too)

Seasons Greetings!

I finally found some downtime, well, kinda sorta. I’m working fulltime (gotta pay the bills), podcasting (really enjoy doing this and hope it continues to grow), blogging (when I can and love sharing information), and now helping my daughter with her music career! When I look over what I’ve just typed, I guess you could say “how in the world is she doing all this successfully?!” It’s not easy and full of challenges, but when you love being a creative, you will find a way, right?!

So, I was reading through some of the blogs I follow and found PoojaG’s blog on “How I Got 1000 Followers In Two Months (And How You Can Too)”, and thought I’d share because I too am trying to make it to 1k or more followers!

Well, I hope you find this post informative and entertaining as I have. Enjoy!

Wishing you peace, love, health and prosperity,

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I was so excited to realize that I had recently reached 6000 WordPress followers which meant I had gained a little over 1000 followers in 2 months. This is the most followers I have gained in two months and I thought I would share some ways in which you can get more followers on your blog too- if you’re interested in gaining followers- if not don’t worry there are lots more posts on this blog with different topics you can check out. Hope these tips help!

Be very active– Blogging is a two way street. You can not expect people to like, follow or share you’re posts if you never do the same. I mean you don’t have to like every post every follower of yours puts out but at least make an effort to reply to comments and read and like some of the posts on your reader…

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