Crypto What?!

Part One:

Greetings fellow readers and bloggers! (moving in close to the screen and whispering…) Do you know what cryptocurrencies are? Me neither, well sort of, (starts rambling) I was doing some research and my god!!! It’s like the new medium of exchange. *moving closer*

Well sort of, I mean you can’t really go to the grocery store and buy food or other life necessities, but just imagine…(looking over shoulder to make sure no one is within listening range). I looked at the crypto market data (provided below) and BTC (that’s bitcoin, btw) was like at $6902.50 a coin or is that shares? (looking confused for a moment)! I mean, whoa!!! oh yeah, disclosure goes here: “don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose”.crypto

I’ve even heard/read that Amazon is going to start accepting this volatile currency! Imagine that! (leaning back in chair, rubbing temples) man, all this research has my head spinning and I haven’t even told you about “blockchain”, “coinbase”, and this little known secret called “mining”.

You see, blockchain (a group of people that record your purchases and exchanges) is like the Federal Reserve but not regulated, and “coinbase” is a wallet where you stash, purchase, and sell “coins”…(but that’s a story for another time because there’s been alot of complaints about it crashing and people losing tons of money, er, coins¬†Skeptical). But before I go, let me mention “mining” and how this dude forgot he left his computer running while mining bitcoin and made millions (ha! I doubt that!) Welp, I’m still investigating, so it’s time for a break.

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Signing off…

Peace, love and prosperity!



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