Update: 50 Ways to Make Money You’ve Never Heard…

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I currently live in Texas and it’s 32 degrees outside with no snow in sight! Yeah, you read that right! The sun is out but that doesn’t change the bone chill I’m feeling when I step outside of my cozy home that has an inside temp of 72 degrees, but I digress.

Last month I wrote, well, I shared a post from a blog I follow about 50 ways to make money you never heard of and said in December, I’d let you know what I would try based on what I thought was a good idea. After reading through the list here are my thoughts-

  • No NASA, you can’t use my body as a guinea pig! Skeptical– The pay is good no doubt, but sorry-butt plugs are NOT my thing.  Although, I might consider the sleep study (minus the butt thermometer), if I lose my job.
  • Downloadable apps that pay you cash or points- Depending on your tastes, workload and cell phone RAM, the apps mentioned in the Penny Hoarders article are excellent tools to use during your downtime. I particularly like the google  survey app (although it wasn’t mentioned in the article this time around) that I downloaded and used over a course of two years (and still counting). I’ve earned over $50 bucks and used the electronic cash to download songs/albums and photography/filming apps. In order to add on the cash, you will need to answer the survey as soon as they  post them. Some of the surveys will not have a payout, still, I never become bored with it.screenshot_2016-12-19-11-13-361
  • I say “NO” to mystery shopping sites- however, that is your choice. I signed up for one and got bombarded with third-party ads from companies with letters and all sorts of foolery. I’m still cleaning out my inbox. My suggestion if you do decide to use or participate in a mystery shopping site is to create a temporary email address that you can verify- then wait and see if you start to get legitimate results. This way, you can always delete the email address to save yourself the headache of filtering out the Spam.

The last one I’ll mention here is Microsoft Rewards and yes I know the title says “50 ways to make money “, but after looking over the list they really weren’t worthy of my time or effort. As for Microsoft Rewards offered through Bing- it’s too early in the game for me to say “yea” or “nay”. I’m still waiting for my points to rack up to claim my reward, but it looks promising so far.

I’m still writing, promoting, and doing reviews- so let’s stay connected. My next book is almost finished. Yay! As always, if you found this helpful or liked my recommendations, do one or all of the following- “like”, “share”, and/or “comment”. winkingsmiley Thanks for reading!  During this holiday season,  it’s nice not to have an email that’s not trying to sell you something. Awesomeness!

That’s all for now folks. Until next time…

Peace, love and prosperity,


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