Greetings fellow readers and followers, I hope everyone is doing well and living in their greatest version of self. I’m Living the Law of Exchange. What do I mean by this statement. Well the other day, I went to the corner store to get change for a Benjamin. I had to spend at least $10 […]


A Work in Progress

Greetings!   Embarking on a new project is always intimadating, ┬ábut I love challenging myself. For the past few months, I’ve traveled across states and released my book Journey into Finance in several libraries. Staying true to my purpose of helping to increase financial literacy, I’ve also donated to residents in correctional facilities. My intention […]

Know Thyself

“The focus should not be on money first- knowledge of self and spirit should be at the forefront first; otherwise one will only grow to identify themselves and/or their leadership THROUGH MONEY…” ~ Mandela Elliott I agree wholeheartedly with this statement, then he goes on saying- “…when one truly has knowledge of self tho’, he/she […]