Greetings fellow bloggers and readers! I was looking over my blog for some insight to share with you and found this post dated July. Here’s to another thoughtful day (back in the day I wrote this post and didn’t publish it). Enjoy! Today’s blog is about leveraging your knowledge to increase income/wealth. Ah, the good […]

Implementing Change

It’s the end of the month and the beginning of a new one, which means it’s time to update our monthly budget/business plan. There’s always utilities that remain the same, so this should be pretty easy.┬áRemember to add a new credit card payment or personal loan to the expenses and use the money saved or […]

Opportunity to Serve

Financial Illiteracy Epidemic & Opportunity to Serve Financial problems have reached epidemic proportions in our country, a crisis that causes major problems at both the community and national levels. Financial issues contribute to a variety of troubles many people face today: from crushing debt to retirement shortfalls. And the stress associated with financial issues can […]