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A Work in Progress

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Embarking on a new project is always intimadating,  but I love challenging myself. For the past few months, I’ve traveled across states and released my book Journey into Finance in several libraries. Staying true to my purpose of helping to increase financial literacy, I’ve also donated to residents in correctional facilities. My intention is to encourage and empower others to believe in their dreams and never give up on themselves.

Scrolling through my feeds, i came across this here: “There are Four Levels to becoming your greatest version” – Ralph Smart

Giving some thought to the above statement as I begin the next chapter of my new book.

The first thing is observe our habits. How are you treating yourself. Selfcare is vital. I often say, “if I knew then what I know now…”, as a cliche but I can’t go back in time so I pass it forward.

What I ask myself:

What are the four levels?
What level am I on?
How can I be the best version of Me?

OK I’ve watched the video and now know what the four levels are, according to my instructor. I also recognize what level I’m on. The task at hand is putting it all into action to become my greatest version.

Giving praise and honor to the Most High is my acknowledgement to get ego out of the way. I am a mere mortal, not immortal. I have a beginning and an end on this earthly plain. My soul will transcend. My legacy is what I create/birth/bring forth to leave behind and it will continue through my progeny, until the end of time.

I have a blueprint of the past and present to guide my future and it’s beautiful. Something that may only be realized after I’ve transcended because that is usually how the mind works. We never seem to appreciate the impact of a person until they’re gone. Truth.

So, to my progeny- use my knowledge, think for yourself and create your own destiny, good or bad. The consequences of your deeds are a reference for yourself; therefore, choose your mate and your path wisely. Your word will become your truth/bond, respect it.

If you have a dream, work at it earnestly. Learn as much as you can about it, and put that knowledge into practice. Enjoy life and the finer things in moderation, never bite off more than you can chew, live within your means, eat healthy, give in charity, and smile through it all because things could always be worse. Be grateful and believe in yourself. Have a wonderful life…make it so.

Peace, love, and prosperity.




Tips To Protect Your Site

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The most important thing you can do to keep your website safe is play a proactive role in the security of the site.


Set a strong password for all your logins: FTP, Admin backend, Database, Host (Plesk, cPanel, etc). It is recommended to have a 7-15 character password, using a number, character and upper case letter. Make sure that you are changing the password at least every 30-90 days as a preventative measure.

Never log in to an account from a link sent via email. This can be a form of a phishing attack.

User Access

It is best to limit the amount of users that have access to your hosting account, passwords and FTP. The more users you create, or share logins, the more at vulnerable you are to security risks and exploits.


It is critical to make sure that your website is always up to date with the latest software release. It is best to ensure that all plugins, modules, themes, and versions are always up to date. These updates will help prevent known vulnerabilities to the application of the site.


Set a regular time to run through proper maintenance of the site. Remove all old coding, unused user/FTP accounts, and unused files. Make sure to never leave a back-up of your website on your server, this is a huge target to hackers. Properly maintaining regular clean-up will ensure less vulnerability to security risks and exploits.

The SiteLock Team