When we fail to “QUESTION”

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When we see things happening in society and fail to QUESTION it, we are actually, failing to grow. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Why is most of society in poverty? Why are there so many homeless people on the streets in every city you visit? Why are there so many children in foster care? Why do we have so many in private prisons? Why isn’t financial education courses taught in schools? Why are history books so outdated? Makes you think, right?! I hope so. Ask the questions, think of solutions, we can make a difference. Song by Billy Holiday “God Bless the child”.

Them that’s got shall get Them that’s not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got his own That’s got his own
Yes, the strong gets more While the weak ones fade Empty pockets don’t ever make the grade Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got his own That’s got his own
Money, you’ve got lots of friends Crowding round the door When you’re gone and spending ends They don’t come no more Rich relations give Crust of bread and such You can help yourself But don’t take too much Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got his own That’s got his own

Make That Change

  • Take a look in the mirror
  • Be the change you want to see in the world
  • When you think about quitting, think about why you started
  • Read a self-development book, gain more knowledge
  • Each one teach one
  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive and successful people

Keep on improving and learning people. Ask the hard questions and then do something about it.

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Peace, Love, and Prosperity,

ET – Your Financial Literacy Advocate


Baby Steps for UAWs

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Hello fellow readers and bloggers! I’ve been reading your thoughts and I’m always impressed. Keep up the good work!

So let’s catch up on this journey of mine called life. These days I’m excited about my early retirement, yes leaving corporate America while I can still enjoy camping and hiking like a teenager. Plan “A” has worked out good (the earlier one starts the better outcome, unless we have another Wall Street melt-down), and now on to Plan “B”, which is reinventing “ME”! Yay ūüôĆ

My reading challenge has expanded exponentially through Audible (yes, click the hyperlink and help me earn some credits/mullahs$$$ ūüėé)!

In an earlier post, I mentioned a reading challenge I signed up for and used the audible app to listen while commuting to and from work, during my lunch break and while exercising. Getting that free credit point once a month helped me stack up on some good books and pick up a new term like ‘underachievers of wealth’ (UAWs) from the book “Millionaire Mind Set’. Yep, always learning and growing.

I’ve worked in the financial field for over 18 years and it still amazes me how little information our youth and some adults know about banking and what affects their credit scores, especially with so much technology and information within reach of our fingertips. I’ll leave this topic for another blog post in the near future. But before I continue on with the task at hand, let me point my knowledge seekers to a post I wrote some time back about the subject on my blog:

Banking: Credit vs. Debit (update)

TIP-¬†Did you know that an overdrawn checking account does not get reported to the credit bureaus?¬† The only time a bank will report to the credit bureau is if you have a charged off account.¬† A charged off account is one that has been overdrawn so long that the bank will send it to collections (debt collectors) and let the credit bureaus know so that this negative information can be added to your report and bring down your FICO score.¬† I suppose if I didn’t have a job with the Bank, I might be a bit confused too. Our mother practically raised us in the library and had us participate in other development programs that trained our impressionable minds to see beyond our horizons.¬† if only I had the foresight then, but I digress.

Play Your Cards Right

So, back to UAWs. According to some wealthy folks, those who started young or inherited money an underachiever of wealth has less than 100k in liquid assets and less than 1M  in brokerage/investment accounts. Well darn it, that would be the majority of working class citizens!

Listen, I know your time is valuable, so I won’t hold you much longer. Just understand how imperative it is to have those conversations with your kids and family members about goals and how to come together and make some real moves that your future selves will thank you for – now. Don’t wait til tomorrow, it’s not promised.

Until, next time…

Peace, love, and prosperity,

ET- your Financial Literacy Advocate

Rainy Day Funds

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Greetings world viewers and knowledge seekers! I thank you for subscribing to my blog. So let’s dive deep into building a Rainy Day Fund.

¬† ¬†A rainy day allows me the opportunity…¬†OK¬†more like¬†excuse,¬†to stay indoors, chill and do some serious writing, I meant introspection, literally. Every now and then we can all use a break from the daily grind of a job to afford the life we have created. Right?! ¬†So, here’s to the weekend warriors! Woohoo!

¬† ¬†The other day, I was speaking to a friend who said to me “I really want to know how I can spend less money.” My response was simple, “just be mindful of where your money is going and change your spending habits. Like that Starbucks coffee you purchased today. Did you forget that we have free coffee here at work! Just add a sweetener, like apple spice, or caramel macchiato- there’s several flavors.

¬† Free means you can save that money for your rainy day fund.” winkingsmiley

Well, I guess she didn’t like what I said, cause she rolled her eyes at me and¬†walked away saying something to the effect of “…I’m not doing that, that’s boring!” Then I said, “Hey, I can only help you, if you are willing to help yourself”. ¬†Which brings us to the title,¬†Rainy Day Funds. Hello There!

Here are five tips to saving more money right now:

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