Another way of communicating? Definitely!

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers! I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the time to post in a while. From speaking engagements to podcasting, and home repairs, life just happens. Anyhoo, I’m back to share my latest endeavor with you. Podcasting! I call it another way of communicating and growing a following. As a graduate […]


Greetings fellow bloggers and readers! I was looking over my blog for some insight to share with you and found this post dated July. Here’s to another thoughtful day (back in the day I wrote this post and didn’t publish it). Enjoy! Today’s blog is about leveraging your knowledge to increase income/wealth. Ah, the good […]

Trust Issues? We all have some…But don’t let that stop you!

Disclaimer: This track doesn’t belong to me nor is it my voice. My daughter can claim that. 🙂 When you start to think and act differently, from your friends who keep doing things the same old way; watch how small your circle gets. Be good with that (small circle of true friends) and keep on […]