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Life of a King starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.

I suppose, I’m becoming an “unofficial” movie critic. Something we all can do just by watching and then creating a review of what you thought was good or not about a movie. Life of a King is the story of the real Eugene Brown who made some critical decisions in his early years that cost him his freedom for 17 years. How he made a change and empowered the youth of Washington, DC to create their own destiny through the game of chess. How basketball, football, or hip hop isn’t the only way to be successful in life. This movie embodies the ideology of the ENTowner Build a Legacy, Inc.’s objectives for youth/young adults who’ve made choices that landed them in unfavorable conditions that affected their lives, and how to overcome those challenges by changing their mindset. A few favorite quotes for me in the movie was “Life is like a chess game”, “keep your eyes on the end-game”, “one wrong move- your life can be taken away”, and “life is about learning how to play the game”.

On a scale of 1-10; this movie receives a “10” for content that empowers and inspires.






Two Words

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Two Words- Cam Newton! The boy is bad! What I like about him is his confidence and don’t give up attitude! Kinda reminds me of Muhammad Ali- when other’s doubted him, he worked harder to prove to himself, he was worthy!

Kudos to Cameron Newton! Keep doing you young man- it will pay off. Click on the link to read more. winkingsmiley Oh, pardon me- it’s Sunday Football! Gotta love it!

“Just when I think I can’t go anymore I think about those who doubted me, and I do one more.” Watch as Cam Newton keeps pounding. narrated by 2 Chainz.

“Beats got in early on Cam. Read on Forbes that Cam is having to turn down endorsements now. His agent says his schedule is just about completely full and only a special deal will make the cut now”.-ntense001

Wishing you peace and prosperity,


Making A Difference

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Things have got to change

I hope you are enjoying your day, evening, or night. Yesterday, which was Saturday here in the United States- my husband and I decided to forego the usual dinner and a movie out (yes, we still date each other), and get a Redbox bluray disc instead. We chose two movies one from a favorite actor Richard Gere – Time Out of Mind – the story of a homeless man haunted by his demons (for me), and Robert Dinero- Heist an action thriller that had you cheering for the bad guy at the end (for him). Although neither one received an Oscar or an Academy Award nomination, from my perspective, they both shed light on making a difference through their choice of movie roles that emphasize “being the CHANGE you want to see in the world“, and on a scale of 1-10, I give them both nine stars!

time out of mind“Time out of mind” is shot mostly with hidden cameras, we watch George (Richard Gere) walk on the streets, just as other homeless people that society pretends are invisible, do. We get to see from their point of view (the homeless) how cruel and indifferent the world is when it comes to deprivation, and mental health. He was in a state of depression and just gave up, that is until a jazz musician (Ben Vereen), wvereenho was very gregarious and also  homeless befriended him, showed him how to hustle up on some change, to face his reality of being homeless, to look for resources, AND reconnect with his estranged daughter. Not only that, but he was his confidant.

What made my blood boil was the scene when George finally accepted the fact that he was homeless and went to several Social Service agencies seeking assistance. They told him he needed a social security card, and a birth certificate in order to get a state issued identification card. Duh, the man is homeless with no funds and no family to help! He’s trying to survive day by day on the streets! I mean seriously?!Skeptical I suppose we never really think about this when we have our parents or other caregivers equipping us with the necessary tools to deal with the ignorance of some people in society, right? Those who stick to a rigid set of rules and can’t for the sake of their lives, think outside the box. Thank God, Richard Gere (I mean George), met with one lady who told him about the legal aid society who could help the indigent with a letter to obtain a birth certificate and demand his benefit case be opened immediately.

Now it’s becoming clear to me. Things must change. Imagine being shut down every time you asked for help from the very system that is set up to aid you and being told to go get this form and this document? Yet, you have no money or shelter? Thank you for shooting this movie Oren Moverman, for opening my eyes to the true struggle of the homeless in our society; but more importantly, the reasons as to “why”.

Smoking Will Kill You

heistIn this movie the Heist, the critics really gave it bad ratings comparing the film to Oceans Eleven (it was a popular movie) and saying how there was nothing new. Here’s my view- I thought it was a great depiction of how a gangster known in the streets as the Pope (Robert Dinero) can have a change of heart after facing his own mortality. After years of smoking cigarettes, a sultry young woman introduced him to vapor cigs; but it was already too late. The cancer was inside of his body and all through his skin. He was a man who lived by his gangster rules with no exceptions, no excuses, no apologies until this old friend told him omorris chestnutf his dying daughter’s dilemma and asked him for financial assistance. Spoiler: The ending wasn’t as much of a surprise as I listened to Morris Chestnut (who showed he can play a bad guy convincingly) rant and rave about how “nobody steals from him, and lives to tell the story!”


Robert Di Nero can still bring them in! I enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to those that like action and suspense. It did kinda leave me wondering tho’— did Di Nero kill himself with the pack of cigarettes he pick-pocketed from the dead guy on the bus?


That’s all for now folks, until next time…

Wishing you peace and prosperity,


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