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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

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fallGreetings! The last time I¬†published a post was in July during the summer months when there were flowers blooming, insects buzzing, and the sun beaming down relentlessly on us. My how time flies. That was three months ago. So, let’s catch up.

My previous post was all about lights, camera, and action. Well, I participated in a Mics, Camera, Action seminar since, and it was packed with information on building wealth, running a business, and delivering your best to your clientele. Awesomeness is what I’d like to call that group of women (oh, and one man.) ūüôā ¬†I wasn’t¬†feeling my best for about a month due to a neck injury that had me laid up in bed. But through physical therapy, and numerous doctor visits, I’m back up on my feet and working again. Talk about being grateful- that I am! When I¬†became¬†incapacitated, I appreciated¬†the little things¬†that many¬†take for granted- you know, the ability to walk up straight, and run, have feeling in your fingers¬†and full range of motion in your arms and neck¬†without¬†pain.¬†Now that I have regained the use of my limbs, I’m ready to get back to work. Health equals wealth, indeed.

But wait a minute- I¬†look around and see that¬†the season has changed-¬†thus the title of this blog post, “Where have all the flowers gone?” It’s fall, one of my favorite seasons- a time to let go of the old and cuddle up for the winter before spring brings in the new and¬†all over¬†again.

Well, that’s what’s been happening in my world. Hope everyone is feeling well and getting ready for the holidays.While I had some time off- I read a few books:

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Killer Genius by Steven Van Patten

The Book of 11:11 Quotes by Ralph Smart

Excellent reading material, a combination of mystery, knowledge, and inspiration. Just what my soul needed.

During my time away, I’ve¬†finally¬†connected with a publishing consultant and team to help with the¬†final draft to be released¬†by December 2015. Just in time to help keep friends and family on track with their personal budgets for the holidays!

That’s all for now, until next time…

Wishing you peace and prosperity,



Public Service Announcement…Free Money!

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free money
free money

Greetings! I have an announcement and yes, it comes with a catch. Free money is available ($5000.00 per fiscal year) to youth between the ages of 16-23 years old who are wards of the state (foster children and those transitioning out of foster care) for educational purposes, which can include room and board (while living on campus).

The fund is called the Education and Training Voucher (ETV), and it is provided to states to fund youth in the foster care system and those adopted who are enrolled in college, university and vocational training programs. Students may receive up to $5000.00 a year up to five years or until their 23rd birthday, based on the cost of attendance to their respective programs. ETV funds can be combined with other grants or scholarships to minimize or eliminate the need for student loans.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

A small gesture of kindness…

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So, a while ago I meet this young man. He says he’s homeless. I look at his condition, a worn tee-shirt, dingy torn jeans, and extremely worn sneakers/tennis -shoes. I believe him. I tell him to have a seat, while I confer his situation with the man of the house (my husband) about the type of assistance we could offer him.

A few moments later I return to tell the young man how we could help him. This young man, still has his struggles, but he makes effort to find and keep employment. I applaud him, and hope to one day be able to assist him in others ways in the future.

A kind gesture can open the heart and mind of so many of our youth who’ve been mistreated and neglected. Parents struggle daily to provide the daily necessities of life and sometimes it’s too much to bear. As a parent I totally understand their plight because I’ve been in their shoes.

Help is available.  With every hardship, comes ease. This is a true story. The young man I speak of is a part of this group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Wishing you peace, and prosperity,


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