How to listen to my Podcast

Greetings! Without thinking about it. I failed to let my audience know how they can listen to my podcast show. So here’s some helpful information.

A podcast is another form of communication similar to a vlog, but you only hear audio. I’m enjoying this adventure just as much as I like listening to audiobooks on Audible. Besides Google Podcasts, Anchor (one of my favorites), Breaker, and Spotify platforms, there’s another called Radiopublic.

With RadioPublic’s features on the web, iPhone, and Android, you can:

  • Download while on WiFi to listen later without using mobile data.
  • Stream podcast episodes immediately without waiting for a download.
  • Discover new podcasts, hand-curated by our Podcast Librarians.
  • Search for podcasts and episodes.
  • Dive into a season or series with just a tap.
  • Start with a featured episode when you find a new-to-you show.
  • Listen immediately: no account or social login required.

And there you have it! Happy listening.


Google Podcast





Wishing you peace, love, and prosperity.


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