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love the positive perspectives on this page, this is truth!



Keep it positive. Keep it real.  At times of uncertainty and troubles, we tend to overcome by anxiety of all the things that might happen-the what ifs.  People tend to tangle themselves of scenarios that are created out of worries and projected fear.

I am not talking about real and immediate danger; but rather I am talking about times of upcoming difficulties-such as separation or divorce, financial troubles, upcoming surgeries, big project or event, new job or retirement, etc.  During these times, no matter how the situation is, it really helps if one live the Now.

Take a deep breath and look around at this particular moment, one will see that he/she still breathing, there is a roof above his head, food that would sustain him/her, and he/she is safe and sound.  Staying calm and focus will enable the person to better deal with the real situation rather than wasting…

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