A Writer’s Life

My Legacy Lives On Sitting at my computer desk, staring at the screen, and typing the story of my life – delivering my message to the world. Only to wonder when I’m finished, if anyone is going to read it. Will they take heed to the warnings and recommendations? Or will my story just sit on the shelf in bookstores collecting dust?

[pause] Long sigh

The life of an unpublished writer. [delete]

The life of a writer. [yeah, that’s much better] [rubbing hands together, and staring at the screen once again]

I’ve got so much to tell, especially about the publishing process. My manuscript has been sent to the publisher and received rave reviews from the staff. I appreciate all the feedback given on Facebook by my friends and family too, who’ve been added in the Acknowledgements section of my book. It’s been a long writing process and I’ll be so excited to say I’m a published Author. That sounds nice rolling around in my head. I dare not say it out loud, just yet. [smiling]

I’m anticipating the next steps once my book is finally published- will I get offers to appear on television? Maybe. I’ll probably travel to far and distant lands for book signings. Naw, maybe just being a “published Author” is the best I can expect. Another milestone to add to the many other’s I’ve achieved throughout my lifetime.

Success! Yes. I’ve successfully completed a book! [grinning like a Cheshire Cat] Maybe, I’ll become a best selling author? Wishful thinking, I suppose. But who knows??? [laughing out loud]

[shaking my head] Until, next time…



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